Congregational Board

Where a congregation operates under the Model Constitution, there is a Congregational Board which is responsible for the financial and property interests of the congregation.


Those who constitute the membership of our Congregational Board are the minister, all the elders, and a number of communicant members eighteen years of age or over, elected by the congregation.

Meetings are usually held every 6-8 weeks with a short summer recess

The Clerk’s role is to prepare for Board meetings, work with the chairperson on the agenda, ensure that an accurate minute is taken, and follow up appropriate communications. While the formal task is that of minute clerk and record keeper, the person appointed should keep up to date with good practice in terms of caring for church buildings and accounting for church monies.

The Clerk to the Board is Mrs Flora Shields and can be contacted by email at florashields@yahoo.co.uk

Finance Team:

Treasurer: Situation currently vacant

Mrs Susan Gowans: Gift Aid Co-ordinator

Mrs Jean Christie: Accounts / Signatory

Mrs Ailsa Macdonald: Additional Signatory


Mrs Ailsa Macdonald: Health and Safety Co-ordinator / Inspection of Records

Property Inspection: Mrs Gillian Bailey

Property Convener: Mr Mark Ashmole Acting position