About us

Jesus says ‘Follow’

That’s all he said and that’s all he wants. Jesus says ‘Follow’ and we, the church family of Stepps Parish Church, respond to that command as best we can, as best as we are able, as best as we are enabled.

We are a community grounded in the Love of God, called to follow by Jesus of Nazareth; upheld, gathered and supported by the Holy spirit.

We are all different, all seeking to discover how we might express that following in our everyday living. We welcome others to join us in that following. Our community might meet within a stone building but we open our doors wide and abandon any boundaries that threaten to prevent God’s Love calling all to follow. Jesus extended an invitation to follow to every single kind of person imaginable — rich people, poor people, people who were spiritual, people who weren’t spiritual. He didn’t place a bunch of conditions on His offer. He just invited them to follow.

In Jesus' name we welcome you. None of us claim to know all of the answers. We do, however, promise to continue asking the questions.