Presbytery Mission Plan Review Group: Newsletter

Please find attached the latest Newsletter from Glasgow Presbytery dated November 2021 which is an update on the work of the Presbytery Mission Plan Review Group. You can access the Newsletter on the following link

PMPRG November Newsletter

Invitation to Denis Duncan Lecture 2021

We're pleased to announce this year's Denis Duncan Lecture in partnership with the Guild of Health & St Raphael, on Wednesday 24 November 7 - 9pm and we invite you to join us, tell your friends and publicise it through your networks.

Dr Ruth Valerio presents "Losing connection: does the natural world matter for the future health of humanity?"

The lecture is free and will take place over Zoom, with an in-vision BSL interpreter, and will include a time of prayer and space to engage with the lecture through discussions and questions.

One of the aims of the evening is to encourage churches to be hubs for healing for the whole community ... why not gather a group from your church and watch the lecture together as you explore how your church can be a beacon of hope in these dark days?

Use this link to register and for further information, on the Guild of Health website: https://gohealth.org.uk/shop/booking/the-denis-duncan-lecture-2021/

We hope you can join us on 24 November. If you have any questions about this event, please contact us at faithnurture@churchofscotland.org.uk

The Time is Now: Christian Aid & Friends from Glasgow Cathedral

Join Rowan Williams, The Kingdom Choir and more, as we gather for music, prayer and inspiration to work together for climate justice.

Monday the 8th November in Person or Online 7.00pm - 8.30pm


About this event

As the world gathers in Glasgow for COP26, join Christian Aid as we gather for music, prayer and inspiration to work together for a world of climate justice.

Our planet is heating up. This means more extreme climate events, rising sea levels and critical threats to human life. We have the power to stop this climate crisis. The world will be watching as COP26 comes to Glasgow in November. The time is now for urgent action.

With addresses from Dr Rowan Williams, the Young Christian Climate Network, Dr Robert Beckford, young climate activists from Uganda and more, join us, in-person at Glasgow Cathedral or online, in this special event as we stand together with the global community to ensure global leaders respond urgently to the global climate emergency.

With special permission from Sony and the Marvin Gaye estate, the evening will feature a performance of Mercy, Mercy Me by The Kingdom Choir. Written in 1971, long before anyone spoke about climate justice, the song is one of only a few soul songs about the environment and urges us to care for the Earth. Choir member Clinton Jordan has made a new arrangement of the song for a new generation seeking urgent action on climate change.

To register your attendance click the link below.


Peoples March Saturday 6th November

Glasgow congregations are encouraged to take part in the Global Day of Action and mass mobilisation in a Peoples March on the 6th November in Glasgow and around the world.

If you are able to come to Glasgow for a rally which will gather in Kelvingrove Park at 11.30 am and will parade through the city streets, arriving in Glasgow Green at 3pm. Faith and belief communities will play a specific part of this rally and we are keen to get as many congregations as possible to consider being there.

Details of the rally and how to sign up to be there are available on the Church of Scotland website. If you are hoping to come along and have any questions, please email Martin Johnstone (cop26office@glasgowchurches.org.uk). That way we can seek to ensure that you are kept informed of further details as they emerge

Community Memorial Service

A special community memorial service is being held in Cambuslang to remember all those who have died during the COVID-19 pandemic.

People of faith and none are encouraged to attend Cambuslang Parish Church on Sunday the 31st of October at 3pm to pay their respects to those whose deaths were linked to the disease and other causes.

The names of loved ones who passed away between now and March last year will be read out during prayers and written on a special “Remembering Banner”.

The lockdown from March last year saw the closure of churches and restrictions on gatherings of all kinds, including funerals and during that time, many of us lost loved ones but did not have the opportunity to say goodbye to them in the way we wanted to or were unable to hold the type of funerals that they hoped to have due to lockdown restrictions

Invitations to the service has been extended to the wider community allowing those who may want to remember anyone who died of any cause during this time.

If anyone would like their friend or relative’s name mentioned during the service, which will be streamed on the church’s Facebook page, they should contact the church office at 0141 642 9271 or email office@cambuslangparishchurch.org.uk